Our Company

Across Media IT Solutions, our company became the venue for software and systems developers to put their minds together and create ingenious ways for industry players to be competitive in the rise of the computer era.

It all started in the year 2002 in Legazpi City, during which the computer era’s rise to prominence has been gathering steam. A team armed with a designer, a developer and a tester decided to up the ante and start a company. Its humble beginnings did not deter them to strive hard and learn the ropes of the trade. Through hard work and persistence, they triumphed over the challenges, pooled their knowledge and resources to build a company which is now ACROSS.

The name Across was coined through a simple notion of extending our service to everyone, getting it (our service) ACROSS. Across any industry (Educational, Health, Government etc.), Across any business(Small, Medium Large scale) Across any resource (developers, designers, testers, etc) Across each and everyone’s lives.