HR Professional Management Software

Product Description

Effectively manage talent across your enterprise – for a sharper competitive edge – with our software solutions for human resources (HR). Hire and retain the right people for your business, streamline HR processes, ensure legal compliance – and get the real-time insights you need to make smarter workforce decisions.


  • Employees Profile
  • Easy GUI interface
  • WEB Enabled features
  • User friendly administration
  • Comprehensive user security
  • Maximized efficiency and productivity
  • A more affordable solution to deploy, adapt to your changing business needs.
  • Can work closely together with the Across Media accounting software ZERO.


  • Employee 201 File
  • Time and Attendance
  • Payroll Module
  • Government Contributions Module
  • Employee Loan Module
  • Leave Management
  • Memo Management

Need A TailorMade Software
We realized that not all company could use standard package software. Some company required a tailor made package that suitable to their management. Across Media provides services to create tailormade software to company needs.



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